If you’re looking for a classical style that will blend well with any type of architectural design that you have planned for your house, then you should consider installing a natural slate roof over your house. The authentic and timeless style of slate roofs will give your house a gentle and natural look that works well with modern and classical architectural styles.

can you walk on a slate roof

Slate roofs have existed for centuries, dating as far back as the medieval periods in England. Slate tiles have been used in houses that are already centuries old in most parts of the globe and they have proven the test of time. The durability and longevity of this material make it well-sought amongst homeowners.

Since this material is unmatched in terms of longevity and beauty, it’s not an easy financial commitment. Of course, before you do buy slate tiles for your roof, it is best to weigh-in on the pros and cons of using slate tiles as a material for your roof.  One of the major things to consider before procuring slate roofs is whether roofers and homeowners are able to walk on top the roof, especially when there are necessary repairs that need to be addressed.

Slate Roof Advantages

Slate roofs come with a multitude of different benefits. Have you ever passed over a house that features slate tiles on the roof? Your attention would instantly be drawn towards that roof since the color variation is naturally appealing. Slate roofs have been widely used in multiple aristocratic houses from the medieval period up until the modern era. The natural stones used in making slate roofs are resistant to the effects of erosion which is quite common among natural rocky formations. Slate roofs aren’t just extremely durable, but they are also fire-proof and will not produce any harmful chemicals that might be dangerous to animals, people, and even plants.  Being made of stone, slate tiles are a good material to insulate your house. This means that heat or cold weather can’t easily penetrate the interior of your home. Slate tiles can easily be recycled for other uses. The design of slate tiles can be repurposed as outdoor garden tiles or floor tiles if the homeowner wishes.

Slate Roof Disadvantages 

Because you’re looking at a material that will last you 150 years or more, you are looking at a hefty price tag that should not be taken lightly. Quality slate roofs can cost thousands of dollars depending on the quality, the process of how it was made, and the longevity of the material.  Not every skilled roofer out there has also worked with slate tiles. Since the material used for these types of roofs are expensive, there will be fewer people who know how to properly install slate roofs. Slate tiles can vary on thickness depending on how they are made and processed which can make installing tricky. Slate tiles can also be hard to come by. If ever a single tile is damaged, then it will take a considerable amount of time and energy to find a replacement for that one tile with the right thickness and color. Horizontally-propelled wind and rainwater can spell danger towards your rooftop’s integrity and towards anybody who tries to walk on your roof since the surface tension of water against flat natural stone tiles can create a slippery and dangerous surface.

Slate Roof Weight

While not necessarily being a drawback nor an advantage, slate roofs are known for being heavy. Depending on the size of your roof, an average roof made out of slate tiles can way up to 1500 pounds or more than a ton. For houses that are more exposed to strong winds and updrafts, having a heavy rooftop can mitigate the chances of it getting uprooted. Conversely, homeowners are still advised to also extensively inspect the support structures of their house if it can withstand the weight of the roof.

Even though slate tiles do have a long lifespan, when a roofing specialist does walk on it, it can easily be damaged from the weight of the individual since these flat stones are not meant to support the weight.  if you are not confident in repairing a pricey slate tile roof, then it is best that you should communicate with the best roofing contractor Hainesport NJ.

Tricky Installation 

Even though slate roofs are triumphed for being quite durable and long-lasting, they are still susceptible to the forces of nature. If not properly installed or even planned right, the installation process of slate roofs could lead to their longevity severely cut back and the material becoming fragile to weather.

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