Deck Replacement and Repair in South Jersey

Work with the team at Champion Exteriors for all of your deck repair and replacement needs! Our local South Jersey team specializes in full deck construction, deck repair, and railing services.

With more than 80 years of experience serving South Jersey, our decking team offers:

  • Full deck replacement
  • New deck installation
  • Framing
  • Maintenance-free options
  • Composite decking
  • Wood decking
  • Traditional and hidden fastening systems (to hide screws and give a cleaner look)

We also feature a number of options for deck railing, including:

  • Maintenance-free railings
  • PVC
  • Vinyl
  • Radius rails
  • ADA complaint rails
  • Glass or cable rails
  • Replacements

Learn more today about our deck replacement and repair services, and be sure to contact Champion Exteriors today for a free quote!

Our Deck Replacement and Repair Services

Rebuilding or repairing your deck is one of the best ways to add beauty and function to your home. After all, how many South Jersey summer nights have you sat outside and wished you had a nicer deck?

Maybe you have to wear shoes at all times to protect yourself from splintering wood. Or perhaps you wish your deck would extend the full length of your home, adding room for a hot tub or patio bench?

No matter what dreams you have for your deck, Champion Exteriors can make them a reality. Plus, we offer financing options and lifetime warranties to make the investment of a new deck worth every cent.

We’ve detailed our deck replacement and repair services below. If you have any questions or want to schedule service, give Champion Exteriors a call today.

Full Deck Replacement and New Deck Installation

If your current deck is old, weathered, or otherwise insufficient for your decking needs, we can replace it and install a new deck.

To determine whether you need a new deck (as opposed to repair), consider the following factors:

Deck surface
this includes deck handrails, railings, and the boards themselves. Decks are exposed to a disproportionate amount of moisture and UV light compared to other parts of the home. As such, they wear down, rot out, and fade over time. If your deck surface is degrading, it’s time for a new deck.

Deck posts
posts represent the substructure that holds up your deck. These posts, especially their bases, are highly susceptible to water damage. If the integrity of these structures has been compromised, you want to repair your deck as soon as possible.

Beams and joints
if the deck surface is your mattress, these are your bedframe. Beams and joints are horizontal pieces of lumber that support boards, and they tend to erode at the end where they attach to deck posts.

If you aren’t sure whether repairs will suffice or whether you need an entire deck replacement, contact our team today for a free quote. We can inspect your deck and let you know what we’d recommend.


Deck framing includes the structural aspects of a deck. Our deck replacement company will build a solid foundation for your deck based on your specifications.

If you’ve always wanted a bigger deck or one that makes better use of your backyard space, reframing your deck gives you the option of a new deck blueprint. Plus, a better deck foundation means a better deck.

Maintenance-Free and Composite Decking

If you want a deck that will last a lifetime without much maintenance, composite decking is your solution. This highly popular decking style uses products like vinyl to make for a polish-free, sand-free, and paint-free decking option. Compared to wooden decks, which need to be maintained every few years, we strongly recommend this decking option.

Wood Decking

While they generally require more maintenance, wood decking has an aesthetic that just can’t be beat. Our deck replacement team can build a deck out of the wood you choose, so you get the stain and finish that you want.

To learn more about wood and composite decking, contact Champion Exteriors today in South Jersey.

Traditional and Hidden Fastening Systems

When it comes to deck fastening systems, you have options. We can install traditional fastening systems, or you can opt for a hidden fastening system that hides nails and screws from sight.

Whatever option you choose, Champion Exteriors can get the job done.

Deck Railings

Deck railings are the key to a safe and complete deck. It might seem basic enough, but there’s actually a lot of choice involved when it comes to this deck component.

Consider these factors as you choose the right deck railing for you:

  • Building codes — your deck must meet local building code requirements (including height and space between railings)
  • Height — usually anywhere between 36 and 42 inches. Within that range, consider which height will be your Goldilocks range: it’s tall enough to be safe, but the surrounding view isn’t obstructed.
  • Material — certain systems are better than other depending on environmental factors. You don’t want a black metal railing if your deck gets a lot of sun, just as you don’t want a glass one if you use lawn sprinklers.

Champion Exteriors has 80 years of experience replacing and repairing decks, so you can rely on our expertise. If you’re not sure what type of decking or railing would work best with your property, call us for a free quote!

Financing and Guarantees

Champion Exteriors is committed to providing quality decking, roofing, and other home repair services to the South Jersey community.

As such, we offer unparalleled financing opportunities. You can get 0 percent interest and no payments for 12 months, for example. We know there’s no great time to have to reinvest in your home, so we want to make it as cost-effective as possible.

We also offer lifetime warranties on every replacement, so you can be assured that your investment truly is worth it.

We look forward to working with you in South Jersey!




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