Thank You!

We will announce the recipient of the free roof on June 23rd on our facebook page - please follow us there! We will email the winner their inspection date detailsWe will be aiming to do the install on July 2nd or 3rd (you do not have to be home if you're traveling for the holiday).

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How we bring your roof

back to life

In our many years of experience, we have handled all types of materials and our methods continue to evolve as more advanced technology is released to our industry. 


1. Survey

Do a full roof inspection including the use of thermal imaging scanners to detect possible leaks. 

2. Draft a report

  • Recommended treatments and or repairs 

  • Record improper workmanship 

  • Find where preventative maintenance is required now vs where it will be needed soon

3. Custom Tailor

  • Find the life of the roof

  • Observe the size of the system

  • Serviceable life of the roof (how many years it has left) 


4. Send tech

Our promise? A 5-year no-leak warrenty on ANY installation or repair

We offer Preventative Maintenance packages for commercial roofs for any roof from any installers.

Financing starting at just $99 a month on any installation or repair