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Residential Preventative Maintenance

We want to make sure you and your family are covered! For more than 81 years, Champion Exteriors has worked hard to maintain the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship on all projects. 

Our Preventative Maintenance packages for residential roofs are for any roof, no matter the age & from any installer. 


Extend the life of your roof

with a preventative maintenance package

from Champion Exteriors.


Each package is custom built to what your roof actually needs, without charging for the services you don't.


With your subscription, we will perform preventative maintenance service twice a year.


The roof is one of the most important parts of a house but most of the time it is one of the most neglected.  The roof is responsible for protecting your home from the elements and it endures substantial wear and tear.  Sometimes the only time a roof has any attention paid to it is when something goes wrong.

Replacing a roof is an expensive process. Just like a car, hardwood floors, or any valuable possession; a roof requires preventative maintenance to minimize costly repairs or having to replace the entire roof.

All roofs come with a guarantee from the materials’ manufacturer and sometimes even the roofing contractor.  Therefore, it is suggested you pay close attention to their guidelines for things such as how often a roof inspection should be done.

Sometimes roof repairs are necessary due to weather or other circumstances. It is likely that a roof repair by Champion Exteriors will more than likely cost less if the roof was being well maintained over the years.  

Snow & Ice DamageOver the years, snow and ice can cause significant damage to almost any roof. That’s because these elements melt into water, which eventually gets absorbed by the roofing shingles.


If it refreezes, you’re in for a nasty surprise as ice just beneath your shingles pushes upward and lifts the shingles, resulting in bigger gaps that allow more moisture to enter and more ice to form. These occurrences are fairly common during the winter on many of the unmaintained roofing systems here in New Jersey.

Clogged Gutters – A clogged gutter is indeed the mother of all gutter-related roofing problems. Gutters get clogged and backed up when the amount of leaves and other debris that have accumulated there and in the downspouts is sufficient to block the flow of water through the gutters.


With nowhere else to go, the water will cascade down the side of the house, pool at the foundation and seep right into the house, causing extensive damage to the structure. Additionally, the excessive weight of trapped debris can cause gutters to sag, which is a noteworthy risk all by itself.


Roof Leaks – A leaky roof is probably the single most common roofing issue all property owners will face at some point in time. Most holes that develop in roofing systems are the result of either hail or wind damage. This particularly applies to places that are exceptionally rainy or windy, like here in New Jersey.


 There are nearly as many causes for roof leaks as there are roofs, from cracked or missing shingles to damaged roof sheathing and more. Typically, roof leaks tend to occur near the chimney, at flashing points, around the gutters, under damaged shingles and close to vents and pipes, as well as in low spots or valleys.

Poor Installation – Choosing inexperienced or ill-qualified contractors to replace your roof will almost always cost you money in the long run. In fact, improperly installed roofing systems remain one of the most common causes of long-term roofing problems and premature roof replacement.


Remember, when a roofing company is looking to cut corners, they often focus on completing the job quickly instead of correctly. When this happens, your roofing system and your entire property pay the ultimate price, so make sure the contractor you hire has plenty of experience.


prevent COSTLY repairs!


We perform preventative maintenance service twice a year,  including: 

  • Full evaluation of the roof and a problem repair report

  • Resealing and or replacement or pipe flashings

  • Resealing and or replacement of damaged or loose shingles

  • Service or replacement of roof mounted attic fans

  • Inspection of roof ventilation 

  • Attic inspection (check for signs of leaks, improper ventilation) 

  • Repair or replacement of transition flashings 

  • Inspection of windows above the roof line 

  • Inspection of siding on dormers. 

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