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Residential Roofing Service

For more than 81 years, Champion Exteriors has worked hard to install the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship on all projects. 

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Residential Roofing

From multi-million dollar homes on the Shore to quaint abodes along the Main Line, Champion Exteriors replaces all styles of residential roofs.


We want to make sure you and your family are covered! For more than 81 years, Champion Exteriors has worked hard to install the highest quality materials with superior craftsmanship on all projects. The size of the project doesn’t matter.


Our goal is to make sure your home is properly covered with a roof that meets both your aesthetic and functional needs. Champion can replace your entire roof if it is damaged beyond repair.


Kind of like a car can get totaled in an accident, our team will recommend full roof replacement if it is the safer and more affordable option over singular roof repairs.

Step 1. Survey

Do a full roof inspection including the use of thermal imaging scanners to detect possible leaks


Our Process

Re-Roof & Recover

At Champion Exteriors we are prepared to work with all types of budgets when it comes to roofing projects. There are several options we can provide to re-cover an existing roof. Re-covering a roof is highly cost-effective.


As certified installers, we have many warranty options that come with a re-covered roof. Our process of re-covering an existing commercial roof minimizes any impact on your home. 

Our Guarantee? 

5 Year "No Leak" Warranty

On Any Installation or Repair. 


Emergency Roofing

Sometimes, emergency roof repairs or replacements are necessary to keep your home safe. This is why Champion offers 24-hour emergency roof repair.


We also provide siding repair and replacement. As an experienced roof replacement contractor, our expert roof replacement services ensure your roof is safe and secure.

If it’s in the middle of a storm, we will wait until the storm subsides and then mobilize in a quick fashion. There's often nothing we can reasonably do when there's high wind, heavy rain and lightning during a storm.

If the roof damage is caused by a fire, we would mobilize and attempt to bring the structure back to a water-tight condition. Oftentimes, fires compromise the structural integrity of a roofing system and that makes it dangerous to access all areas of the roof. 

What To Expect 

Our roof replacement services include replacing your roof, as well as any additional services we deem necessary for the replacement to be successful.


If you are wondering whether or not your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, we recommend getting in touch with us directly so we can inspect your property.


This way, our team can identify any problems your roof has and inform you of the type of work necessary. Before replacing your roof, you should familiarize yourself with the costs and the length of time it takes. We can discuss this with you prior to beginning any work on your property.

Roof Construction

Frequently asked questions

How long will Champion Exteriors be on site?

There are multiple variables on how long it takes to complete a house from start to finish; size, roof pitch, product being installed, access to the roof, does the roof have a lot of angles and weather? This question could best be answered when the contractor comes out and inspects your roof and provides you with a free estimate. Most standard size houses are completed in 3 days but again this could very based on your roofs uniqueness. The estimator can give you a better idea upon inspection.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it replaced completely?

A leaking roof is never a good thing. However, it doesn’t necessarily warrant a complete roof replacement. How much repair and work needs to be done on your roof depends on the level of damage caused by leaking. Give us a call to know whether only minor repair OR a full roof replacement is necessary. There are many problems that can lead to roof leaking, which is why it’s important to inspect your roof periodically and check for common warning signs. You can perform this inspection yourself, but it is a good idea to hire a professional at least once a year to check for any serious roof problems. At Champion Exteriors, we offer preventative maintenance packages for residential roofs .

Can you replace a roof on in the winter?

Extra care should be taken when handling and/or installing asphalt shingles when the air and surface temperatures are at or below 40° F (5° C). Ownes Corning Roofing recommends the following procedures for additional fastening strength and wind blow-off resistance when shingles are installed during cold weather: 1. Hand sealing all shingles along the rake edges: each shingles should be hand sealed using 4 spots of asphalt roof cement (complying with the ASTM D4586, Type I or Type II). The four spots of roof cement should be evenly spaced on laminate (architectural) shingles approximately 1 inch from the leading edge of the shingle and pressed in placed. Take caution to ensure the asphalt roof cement does not squeeze out beyond the lading edge of the shingle. Be aware that excessive amounts of asphalt roof cement can cause the shingles to blister. 2. On Strip (three-tab) shingles, place 2 spot of asphalt roof cement under each tab approximately 1-inch from the leading edge and the corner of each tab. Take caution to ensure the asphalt roof cement does not squeeze out beyond the lading edge of the shingle. Be aware that excessive amounts of asphalt roof cement can cause the shingles to blister. 3. Ensure that all nails are installed in the common bond (double layer) area on Owens Corning laminate shingles.

What if my new roof leaks?

Remain calm. Roof leaks are actually a common occurrence so don’t call your roofing contractor yelling at them or consider your leaking roof as a personal attack on you. Instead, call your roofing contractor and clearly explain the problem. There is no need to exaggerate the leak and, again, it is important to calmly and clearly explain your situation. If you made the right decisions in hiring a professional roofing contractor then you can expect the leak to be fixed. Roofing contractors often provide warranties on their projects and, even if they don’t, most care enough about their reputation to amend the situation and make sure your roof is healthy. At Champion Exteriors, we offer a 5-year NO LEAK warranty on all of our work. Remain calm, call your roofing contractor, clearly explain the problem and set a timeline for results.

Do you do free roofing estimates?

Of course! Estimates are always free. We will NEVER charge to come take a look at your homes roof, and our sales reps can guarantee an honest estimate.

How expensive is a residential roof repair or installation?

Your neighbor’s roofing costs could be a different than yours even your homes are identical. Every roof has different conditions such a debris, flashings, cracked tiles that may need to be replaced, etc. We can give you a ball park but it is impossible to give you a close number due to all the different variables that need to be seen by a qualified estimator. Things such as roof pitch, substandard or rotted wood, what is currently on the roof like air conditioners, solar panels, etc. There is no easy answer to this question. The price of your roof will vary based on the following factors:
• Materials chosen for the project
• Square footage / size of your roof
• If you are keeping any part of your existing roof
• Time and labor required to complete the project Give our roofing calculator a try to estimate a ballpark cost of a new installation. At Champion Exteriors, give us a call and we can personally guarantee a free and honest estimate on residential roofing repairs and installation.

Do you sell preventative maintenance roofing packages?

Of course, a preventative maintenance package from Champion Exteriors is the best way to avoid costly repairs and get piece of mind for your homes roof. Each package is custom built to what your roof actually needs, without charging for the services you don't. With your subscription, we will perform preventative maintenance service twice a year. If you'd like to learn more, give us a call or learn more by visiting our residential preventative maintenance page.

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