Most homeowners don’t think about windows when they buy an existing home. Little do they know windows can be a huge factor in a home’s energy consumption. Our experts here At Champion Exteriors can certainly point homeowners in the right direction. Old wood windows and or fiberglass windows can be a major source of heat loss in the winter time. Heat loss will then make your heating system work harder to maintain the temperature in the house. With help from our expert installers here at Champion Exteriors, we can offer you Simonton replacement windows at great prices to help reduce your heating bill. Simonton’s  Low E insulated glass will not let heat out. Their replacement windows don’t let those cold winter drafts through. When the temperature breaks and the heat comes in the summertime these replacement windows are still working hard! As the hot sun shines on the window properly insulated replacement windows will not let the room temperature rise. This, in turn, can also help your air conditioning system maintain temperature with ease. Call our experts today at 609-830-3816 to give you a free estimate on replacement windows!