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Let Champion Exteriors outfit your home with a fantastic selection of quality replacement windows and doors.


Whether you are looking for storm windows for your home, or you want to upgrade your home’s appearance with a door replacement, we are here to help.


We provide high-quality door replacement and replacement windows in New Jersey and all surrounding communities.

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Superior Materials, Expert Craftsmanship


The Best Coverage On Any 

Window & Door Service

Let Champion Exteriors outfit your home with a fantastic selection of quality replacement windows and doors.

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Champion Exteriors offers professional door replacement services to meet any of your door replacement and installation needs.


Whether you are storm-proofing your New Jersey home, want to replace an outdated door, or want to customize your home and patio doors to better suit your household needs, Champion Exteriors can help.

If you want to learn more about our specific door replacement services, you can access helpful information here. You can also contact our Top Rated Local® exterior repairs business with any questions or to set up professional door replacement today.

Our Guarantee? 

5 Year "No Leak" Warranty

On Any Installation or Repair. 

Why Get Your Door Replaced?


You're an older home owner.

Even if door maintenance doesn’t seem like a lot now, consider your household’s needs in the next 20 years. Make owning a home easier for yourself, both now and down the road.


You experience all four seasons.

Weather plays more of a role in door maintenance than many other factors, but you can preempt weather-related maintenance by investing in a stronger, easier-to-maintain door now.


You aren't home often.

Taking the time to maintain your doors might be easier if you were around every weekend and had the time for these smaller projects, but maintenance-free doors are a much better option for the busy, traveling homeowner.


Your entry door is the focal point of your home’s exterior, and it is often the first thing that people notice about your house.


Now, think about our New Jersey weather and then think about the beating your entry door has probably taken way beyond the knocks.


After nearly a century in business in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, Champion Exteriors has seen it all when it comes to entry doors.


If you aren’t sure whether your entry door needs replacement but think it might; consider the characteristics we listed below that signal you need door replacement.

Brick House Wood Door

Frequently asked questions

How long will Champion Exteriors be on site?

We usually can install each window in about 45 minutes. The size of your home, the number of windows, and how many people we have installing will determine how long the project takes. However, we aim to finish a window replacement project in 1-2 days, if possible.

How often should residential windows be replaced?

Homeowners with windows over 25 years old should consider replacing them, both to gain the best energy efficiencies and to protect the “envelope” of the house. A home is an ideal candidate for a window replacement if its windows are sealed or painted shut, experiences ice buildup or a frosty glaze during the winter, gets fogged with condensation or has drafts that come through the windows.

Do you do free siding estimates?

Of course! Estimates are always free. We will NEVER charge to come take a look at your home, and our sales reps can guarantee an honest estimate.

Can replacing my windows or doors really save me money?

Definitely. When your warm or cool air isn’t going out your windows, your furnace and/or air conditioning doesn’t have to run as much. This yields savings. So, while there is an initial cost to buy new energy-efficient windows, they help you save money pretty quickly and, best of all, increase the value of your home.

Do you sell preventative maintenance packages?

Of course, a preventative maintenance package from Champion Exteriors is the best way to avoid costly repairs and get piece of mind for your home. Each package is custom built to what your homes actually needs, without charging for the services you don't. With your subscription, we will perform preventative maintenance service twice a year. If you'd like to learn more, give us a call or learn more by visiting our residential preventative maintenance page.

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